Saturday, February 14, 2009

 Le Crueset has introduced a new color for 2009, black onyx.  It would be perfect in my black and white kitchen.  I know the girls at Cook can order any color and style that is currently available, so there's no need for me to go hunting for this pot.
Now in these times of economic hardship, how do I justify the purchase of a French Oven?  Well for starters, Saveur has listed a Le Crueset French Oven as #9 on their list of 100 items for the home cook. They mention that you can use the oven for so many things, including baking bread!  Wow, off to Google.  My results:  No knead kidding!  Quickly, I borrow a pot from Jackie, and I'm off to make bread.

After mixing together the basic ingredients, you let it sit for 18 hours.  I can certainly work that into my schedule.  Once risen, you plop it in the cast iron pot and let it bake.  The result is the crispiest crust imaginable with a chewy interior full of big holes.

Do I need any more convincing?  Just in time, my new issue of Bon Appetit arrives.  On the cover is a yummy looking shepherd's pie.  I swear that's a french oven holding the stew.  Enough for me!!!
Br...ring, Hello Cook.

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